In fundraising, the power is in your participants! Both the number of families you have actively selling and the amount each sells directly correlate to your profit. Increase both with these killer tips:

  • Set benchmarks – First determine your fundraising goal and the number of participants. From there you can set individual participant goals. Choose a stress-free program with no product storage or spoilage.
  • Big group? Think small – Large numbers of participants (500+) can be a challenge to motivate, so start
    with small individual goals like 3 items to sell per participant. At $8.00 profit per Full-Image™ Tumbler Fundraising Card sold, you’ll see profits soar with minimal effort from your participants.
  • Share your story – Make sure participants, parents and your community of supporters know why
    you’re fundraising – how their contribution will help! It’s the beginning of every good fundraising success story.
  • Provide samples – When it comes to fundraising, the easier the better! And having product samples
    on hand is one of the best and easiest ways to make a sale. Ask your Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising representative how you can earn FREE sample tumblers for your next fundraiser!
  • Incentives – One of the biggest motivators is a reward. Incentives don’t have to break the bank to excite your participants. Think experiential like an opportunity to slime the principal or a low-cost movie party.
  • Stay top-of-mind – To maintain the enthusiasm and keep participants focused, plan a schedule of reminders and progress updates throughout the duration of the fundraiser.

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