3 High School Fundraisers to Try This Spring

Posted on May 7, 2023 under high school fundraisers

Spring is a common time for schools to raise money for end-of-the-year events and the next school year. When it comes to high school fundraisers, the students have the ability and the motivation to get involved and make an effort to raise money themselves. Some fundraisers are also a great opportunity to get your teenagers outside! At Effective Fundraising Solutions, our mission is to help you meet your fundraising goals and have fun doing it!


high school fundraisers

Here are three ideas for high school fundraisers to try this spring.


Come-to-You Car Wash

We’ve all seen the car washes that students or sports teams put on, with kids holding their poster boards on a street corner. Although some people will stop to have their car washed on their way home from their weekend errands, you never know how much you’re going to make. A clever way to get more people involved is to have a “we’ll come to you” carwash. Have people sign up for a time slot, and the car washers will come to them and wash their cars in their driveways.


Silent Auction and Raffle

Silent auctions are a lot of fun. People like having the chance to bid on something they would never normally spend money on. But there will be people who want to support the school but who can’t afford to bid on a high-value item. A good compromise is to combine the auction with a raffle. Ask local businesses to donate both high-value items for the auction and lower-cost items for the raffle.


Community Yard Sale

Many communities will have a yard or garage sale day where everyone has their sale on the same day. To simplify it and make it a fundraiser, hold a big yard sale in one location. Have everyone bring their stuff to sell to one place. You can organize and group by type what people bring to make it easier for people shopping your sale to see what’s available.


High School Fundraisers with EFS

Whether you decide to organize your own high school fundraisers this spring or use one of our campaigns, EFS will help you reach your fundraising goals.


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