Flower Power

Flower Power has helped thousands of organizations raise millions of dollars over the years with both face-to-face catalog fundraising and online programs.

50% profit on sales and a 100% money-back guarantee!

Fundraising with flower bulbs began as a joint initiative between Gardener’s Supply and Dutch Gardens, two mail-order gardening companies located in Burlington, Vermont. The goal was to expand an existing school gardening awards program by adding a fundraising component that would get people, and especially children, more directly involved in gardening.

The program was an immediate success. Children, parents, friends and neighbors found flowers were easy to sell – and fun to buy.

To ensure that everyone has a great gardening experience right from the start, Flower Power Fundraising offers only the finest, best-quality bulbs and plants available from growers in Holland and the U.S. We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we offer an unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee.

Set Up an Account in Minutes
Now you can run a Flower Power fundraiser, from start to finish, completely online! No more door-to-door sales or unwieldy distribution events. To run an online program all you need to do is set up an account and customize your special landing page.

Customize Your Web Page
We’ll show you how to create your group’s homepage on our website – no special computer knowledge needed. You can upload a photo of the group, set a fundraising goal, and add a personalized note telling people why it’s important to support your group’s cause. The site will also generate a link that can be added to a school newsletter, a Facebook page, or a personal email that links directly to this customized webpage you helped create. We also have a new Facebook tool that seamlessly integrates with our site, you can now boost profits ‘one friend at a time!’
Enter E-mail Addresses
This online program is based exclusively on email contacts. All the chair has to do is enter the email addresses of their group‘s team members. The more email addresses they enter, the more successful their program will become. Our import function makes this easier and less time-consuming. We do not use these addresses for anything other than to invite friends and families to the customized landing page created by you.
Launch The Campaign
Flower Power takes over and does all the rest! We’ll automatically send out several emails to your organizations team members asking them to come to the site and add email addresses of the friends and family list asking them to support the organizations cause by coming to your customized homepage and buying flowers. People order right off the home page created by you. You can monitor the results anytime, and even print out reports. We’ll promptly send the profits directly to your organization.
The Key To Winning
Get as many friends and family email addresses entered as possible. Just like your favorite retailers, such as Amazon, Sears, Gardener’s Supply or L.L. Bean, the more they are in you inbox, the better the chance you will buy from them. This is direct marketing and it’s a numbers game! The more team names you enter and the more your team members add friends and family email addresses to the list, the more sales and profits your organization will generate.
We will work with you in the email capture process, identifying your group, setting up the online account and anything else necessary for a successful launch and campaign.

Start working towards your fundraising goal today!