Below are some of our most commonly asked questions regarding the services and fundraisers offered here at EFS. If you can’t find your answer or still have questions please contact us directly at 855-888-4337

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What is Product Fundraising?
Product fundraising is one of the most popular and profitable ways to fundraise. Your potential supporters will purchase a quality product to support your cause and you keep a portion of the money collected for the product sold. Schools and organizations use products like chocolate, flower bulbs and magazines to sell to friends and families. If what you’re selling is of high quality and something supporters would enjoy receiving, it becomes a win-win scenario.
How much profit should we receive?
We focus on the end goal or exactly how much money you’re hoping to raise. Each product is different and each fundraising effort is different. For planning purposes, the majority of all fundraising efforts yield up to 50% with some programs yielding higher. Depending on your organization and potential supporter base, you may find some products that yield less profit may sell better hence helping reach your goal. Focus more on bottom line money than percentage made.
Should we offer a prize program?
We offer a number of different prize programs. Prizes can help motivate your sellers and can be customized depending on your organization.
How do the finances work?
If you are a school you are pre-approved and we ask for no money up-front. All other organizations, we ask for a completed credit application and/or credit card with full payment prior to fundraiser. Click here to download Credit Application
Does everyone have to participate?
The success of your fundraiser is a direct result of the efforts of your sellers. The monies typically benefit all those who are part of the fundraising effort and it’s highly reccomended to motivate all those involved to participate at some level.
How do you help set up the fundraiser?
We begin with a staff pre-meeting to discuss details and financial goals of the fundraiser. We then determine together the best program/products to sell. We help determine the best time for the “Kick-Off” and length of time for the fundraiser. We then order supplies which include order forms, catalogs and flyers. We help establish any incentive/prize program and make ourselves availble to answer all questions from beginning to end. We’re local and are available to meet with you and your staff at any time.
What is the delivery/lead time?
Many products we offer can be delivered within a week if you are looking for a quick turn-a-round. Pretzel Rods, Chocolate, SpiritCups, Popcorn, Bloom Discount Cards and Smencils can be fun quick and easy. Cookie Dough and other catalog programs typoically need 3-4 weeks for delivery.
What is the average sale?
Chocolate 100 cases or $3,000 in profit
FlowerPower is $2,500 in profit
Magazines is $5,000-$8,000 in profit
There are so many variables to answer this question correctly. We suggest clicking onto the profit calculator below based on the program you are interested in:
Charleston Wrap
How do we get started?
Call 855-888-4337 and speak to your local expert in fundraising to help you with a program that works for you.
How long should the fundraiser last?
That is up to you but most fundraisers last about 2 weeks.
What type of payment do you accept?
We accept all forms of payment except barter with goats.
Will you help us with our “Kick-off”?
Absolutely, we would be more than happy to join you at the “Kick-off” to help motivate the kids for a successful fundraiser.

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