Chocolate and other Confections from Van Wyk

Fundraising with Chocolate Bars & Chocolate-dipped Pretzel Rods yields the most profit in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort and you support your local community.

For years, Van Wyk Confections has been a rising star in the fundraising world. Their peanut-free chocolate bars for fundraisers are fresh, creamy and pleasing to the most discriminating palate.

Van Wyk is a family owned business in Castle Rock, CO. With twenty years of experience in the candy fundraising industry we are proud of the consistent quality and service we offer each and every day. In the past few years, we have helped non-profit groups fund raise over ten million dollars for their cause through our distributors. Right here in the U.S.A. The end result is a wonderful chocolate fundraising product that you can be proud to sell.

However, the real genius of working with Van Wyk Confections as a fundraising tool is in the programs.  They have helped non-profit groups fund raise over ten million dollars for their cause through distributors like EFS.

Let’s begin at the MOST popular fundraiser product in our assortment...

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel RodsRS stick 01

$1 Pretzel Rods


$1 Healthy
Kids Pack


$1 Super
60 Pack


$2 Double Dipped
Double Topped


Gourmet Popcorn


One Dollar Bar

van wyk

America's Favorite $1 Bar

Five Premium Chocolate Flavors

van wyk
Our Van Wyk One Dollar Bar chocolate fundraisers are easy-to-sell and provide a high profit for your group. This variety pack chocolate fundraiser is ideal for club, school, or team fundraising projects.

  • 60-Count Variety Pack Fundraiser
  • Premium, High Profit Chocolate
  • 4 Carriers / 240 Bars per Master Case
  • Entirely PEANUT-FREE (Manufactured in a PEANUT-FREE facility) chocolate fundraising.

Chocolatiers $2 Bar!

$2 Chocolatiers Community Pack

  • 30-Count Variety Pack
  • Large, Premium Chocolate Bars
  • PEANUT-FREE Variety Pack Fundraiser

Gourmet Lollipops

Easy, High Profit Fundraiser

This is a quick and easy candy fundraiser with high profits. We have a unique selection of lollipops for your fund raising project, ideal for school, club, or team fund raisers.