Internet Only Programs

The internet only programs available through Charleston Wrap are a great and easy way to get your school or organization involved with fundraising today!

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Charleston Wrap Internet Only Programs

This program can be used with any other program!
Regardless of company
100% of items are delivered to the home of the purchaser.
No collecting money and no handling products by the school or group, just deposit your profits.
This program will not hurt your normal sale! It's a win - win!
This program will add 15% to 30% to your sales from out of town family and friends.
You have access online to products not available in catalogs or anywhere else in fundraising.
The personalization of these products is done in-house to ensure that “made in America” quality. These are quality products that you use and need in your everyday lives.
All Of Our Standard Gift Wraps Are Reversible And Feature 32 Square Feet
It’s like getting two rolls for the price of one! All gift wraps have been exclusively designed by Charleston Wrap in Charleston, SC.
The key to the success of this program is our email generator.
Simply go to our website and use our generator to send out emails to your family and friends. The more emails you send, the more sales you will get in return.

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