4 School Fundraising Ideas for March and April

Posted on March 7, 2022 under Fundraising Ideas

school fundraising ideas

As school starts to resemble normalcy again, school fundraising events are also ramping up. Many schools have their favorite tried and true fundraisers, but a great way to get people excited and in a giving mood is a fun new event. At Effective Fundraising Solutions, fundraisers are what we do. Here are some school fundraising ideas that you can tie into some of the more obscure holidays in March and April.


Children’s Craft Day

March 14 is National Children’s Craft Day, and a great theme for a craft fair. Add a fun twist to the traditional craft fair by having everything for sale made by the students. To make it more interactive, have an area where the kids can make crafts as well as sell them. Fundraisers are more fun when you can do something rather than just see what’s for sale.

school fundraising ideas

First Day of Spring

While not exactly an “obscure holiday,” the first day of spring calls for celebration, especially after a long winter. And what’s the best way to celebrate spring and fundraise for your school? A Flower Power fundraiser, of course! Planting flowers and bulbs is a great reason to get outside in the spring. Flower Power is an easy way to coordinate a spring fundraiser for your school.


Pencil Day

At EFS, we have lots of fundraising programs and products, and one of our favorites is Smencils. Scented pencils, pens, and gel crayons are great for any time of year, but especially for March 30, National Pencil Day! With lots of different themes and designs, Smencils are a fun and easy way to raise money for your school.

smencils fundraiser

Soft Pretzel Month

Did you know that April is National Soft Pretzel Month? Well, now you do! Bake sales are usually at the top of the list for school fundraising ideas, so why not add a fun twist? Students and families can make their own soft pretzels, or you can have a toppings bar. Buy a pretzel, put whatever you like on it, eat, repeat. And because it’s all month long, you can do it more than once if it proves to be popular.


School Fundraising Ideas from EFS

Are you putting together a school fundraiser but need some ideas? Effective Fundraising Solutions has you covered. We have fundraising packages and programs that are ready to go, plus our team will work with you the whole way. When you’re ready to set up your next fundraiser, contact our team at 855-888-4337 to get started.