5 Sports Fundraising Ideas for the Winter

Posted on January 7, 2023 under EFS Blog, Fundraising Ideas

It can be difficult to stir up enthusiasm for school sports during the off-season. But just because players aren’t on the field, that doesn’t mean you can take a break from fundraising! At Effective Fundraising Solutions, we specialize in creating fun and successful fundraisers for schools, teams, and other organizations. And we don’t let the winter hold us back when it comes to sports fundraising ideas.


Here are five great sports fundraising ideas that you can try this winter.


Polar Plunge

These are popular events in cold areas, so why not turn one into a fundraising event for your team? Typically, participants run a 5K before plunging into freezing cold water, whether it is the ocean or a lake.


sports fundraising ideas

Sledding or Ice Skating

For something a little more family-friendly, organize a sledding or ice skating event. You can charge admission either individually or per family and ask for donations to rent sleds or skates if people don’t have their own. Ask volunteers to bring snacks or offer hot chocolate to pull in even more donations.



Team up with a nearby ski mountain to host a Ski-A-Thon. The organization is similar to a 5K or 10K, where participants get people to sponsor them. In a Ski-A-Thon, participants get sponsors to donate per ski or snowboard run. To encourage participation, provide snacks, drinks, and lunch, and help connect participants with sponsors.


Snow Sculpture Contest

If there’s enough snow on the ground, get everyone outside and have a snow sculpture contest! Charge a fee for entering the contest and ask local businesses to donate prizes to encourage participation. You can even have multiple categories, awarding prizes for the biggest snow fort, the most creative snow sculpture, or the spectators’ favorite snowman.


sports fundraising ideas

Snowball Fight Tournament

Who doesn’t love a snowball fight? Turn this fun winter activity into a fundraiser by hosting a tournament! Donors can assemble a team and pay an entrance fee. Or you can get multiple sports teams involved. Have the players collect donations to win bonuses during the tournament. For example, the team that raises the most money can bring an eliminated player back into the game after they’ve been hit.


Use one of these sports fundraising ideas or launch a ready-made campaign from EFS.

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