A Smencils Fundraiser Makes Scents

Posted on August 7, 2021 under Fundraising

smencils fundraiser


It is August and as much as we all like to pretend the summer will last forever, the school year is right around the corner. That makes this the perfect time to consider doing a Smencils fundraiser. Let Effective Fundraising Solutions help you plan your Smencils fundraiser! Our team of experts has helped plan profit-yielding fundraisers for years. Let’s make your fundraiser a success! Here are a few reasons why Smencils are a great topic for fundraising


Smencils are Fun


Everyone loves Smencils and not just because of their creative scents! Smencils also come in themed packs! There is everything from hobby packs that include sports Smencils or superhero Smencils to holiday Smencils. This makes buying them so much fun because you can make them more personal based on your hobbies or interests. Additionally, certain people have smells that they particularly enjoy and can choose Smencils based on those scent preferences.


Help Kids Get Excited About School


Rather than regular pencils, Smencils make things a little more interesting and fun. That is why Smencils can make kids enjoy doing their school work! By giving children a fun aspect of their work it gives them something positive to make the tasks a little more exciting. The personal touch where kids can pick the scent and design also aids in building the excitement!


Easy to Sell 


Kids very often dread school and complain when it comes to homework. That’s why parents are usually ready to jump on any opportunity to make the learning environment fun for their children. Smencils are a great way to do that. Especially this time of year, parents are more likely to buy Smencils, since they are already planning to buy school supplies. Smencils are easy to sell because of their popularity amongst children and parents! 


Smencils Fundraiser with Effective Fundraising Solutions


Regardless of the fundraiser, planning ahead will greatly benefit the outcome. When you plan a fundraiser with Effective Fundraising Solutions we help you plan and execute your fundraiser from start to finish. Our goal is to maximize your profits while helping you with any guidance you may need along the way! If you are interested in a Smencils fundraiser with us, please contact the team at Effective Fundraising Solutions and we can get started with your fundraiser!