Back to School Means Fundraisers!

As September rolls in, it’s time to get ready for school. Back to school means different things to different people. For some, school starting up means the weather is going to start cooling off. For others, it means the freedom of summer has come to an end. One thing that is certain is with school comes fundraising. Aside from raising money for your class, fundraising is a great way to get students participating within your community. Here are some fun reasons for school fundraising to get your students participating!

Fundraising Card Program

Friendly Competition

The only thing students like better than doing good for their school is doing better than their classmates. Fundraising is a great way to get a competition going for your students without the pressure of graded work. Friendly competition is good for kids because it gets them paying attention to the other kids around them and focusing on improving their own abilities. Joining competition and fundraising gets your students working as hard as they can to help the most people they can.


If your students are on the younger end, you may not want to introduce competition to them, no matter how friendly the competition. That is where incentives can come in. By telling your fundraising volunteers they’ll earn rewards for their participation, you’ll get them interested right away. Incentives get students pushing themselves to help fundraise without comparing themselves to others. Popular incentives for younger students could be a voucher for the book fair. For older students, school swag always seems to satisfy.


Another great way to get students to participate in back to school fundraising is socializing. Fundraising gets students working together and collaborating with each other and within the community. They have to reach out to find buyers for the fundraiser and talk to each other to improve their own sales. You can even pair socializing with incentives by offering a pizza party to your highest sellers.

Back to school means back to fundraising. Students always have fun with school fundraising because it gives them something to participate in outside of grades. With friendly competition, incentives, and socializing to boost morale, your campaign is sure to be a success. For more information on school fundraising, contact Effective Fundraising Solutions at 855-888-4EFS or visit them online.