BRAX Case Program: Another Addition to Effective Fundraising Ideas

Posted on January 12, 2015 under EFS Blog

Effective fundraising ideas from EFSThe BRAX line of Spirit Cups, Travel Cups, and Popcorn is already a trusted name when it comes to fundraising campaigns, but their new case program is bringing you even more options and opportunities for effective fundraising ideas. Here are some of the highlights and benefits of the BRAX Case Program that can help your organization profit, while giving your supporters a product they will be proud they purchased for years to come.

Single Cups

A new option the BRAX Case Program brings to the table is the ability to sell individual cups, rather than the original offer of four Spirt Cups per package. The new case program allows supporters to purchase single Spirit Cups for the lower price of $5 each. This not only makes it a more affordable option, but also allows your supporters to select different designs for each cup, rather than committing to the same design for multiple cups.

Multiple Designs

The BRAX Case Program also allows each seller to carry three different licensed design options in each case of Spirit Cups. Coming four to each design, a case of BRAX Spirit Cups provides twelve cups for supporters to purchase. This makes it easy for supporters to select different designs, teams, or logos all at the same time of purchase. By selecting which designs you want to sell, the BRAX Case Program brings more customization and profit potential to your organization.

High Profit Potential

As one of the most effective fundraising ideas, BRAX Spirit Cups come with the high profit potential to back it up. No upfront costs, inventory, or shipping fees creates a 40 percent potential profit with each sale. The single cup option provides an affordable and high quality product to your supporters, and an easy sell and profit for your organization.

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