BRAX Championship SpiritCups Available Exclusively Through Effective Fundraising Solutions

Posted on February 27, 2015 under EFS Blog

Effective Fundraising SolutionsCelebrating the FOURTH SUPER BOWL WIN for New England Patriots fans has never been easier or more exclusive than with the new release of Super Bowl Championship XLIX BRAX SpiritCups and SpirtTravelCups, only available through Effective Fundraising Solutions. Each 18 ounce BPA free SpiritCup and 16 ounce SpiritTravelCup is fitted with a 3D holographic design of the New England Patriots and the Super Bowl XLIX Championship. Now available in “CASE” packages containing 12 individual SpiritCups or 6 individual SpiritTravelCups allowing for single purchases or entire cases.

SpiritTravelCups are included in the CASE program, and are offered in cases of 6 (up to 3 different designs) and are priced at $10 a piece. These come with the same 40% profit, equaling $24.00 per case. These are only suggested prices, but you can always increase the price at your discretion and increase profit percentages.

This is the spring and fall fundraiser HOT ticket item can easily bring the funding needed for your organization. The BRAX Case Program allows each seller a set of 12 individual SpiritCups to sell at the affordable price of $5 per cup, and the option of carrying up to three designs per case. Effective Fundraising Solutions gives both your organization and its supporters exclusive access to this New England Patriots collector’s item. SpiritCups, SpiritTravelCups are ONLY available as a fundraising product. They are not available in stores or anywhere else on the market.

Now is the perfect time for your organization to succeed, while providing your supporters with a one of a kind item to celebrate the Patriot’s Super Bowl victory. The quick and easy selling potential of BRAX SpiritCup Case Program allows your organization to bring in a fast profit and meet your funding goals in a shorter period of time. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and fall short of the chance to spread and share in the victory of the Patriot’s championship win. Effective Fundraising Solutions and BRAX can bring the funding deserved and needed to your organization.

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