BRAX Spirit Cups: Get in the Holographic SPIRIT!

Brax spirit cups


It’s inevitable; school and sports will once again convene. With that in mind, it’s never too early to begin fundraising for your team. Effective Fundraising Solutions is proud to partner with BRAX Fundraising to offer three exciting promotions on Brax spirit cups. From officially licensed NFL and MLB to over 100 top colleges, and five branches of the military, these products are eye-catching and appealing to all!


Here are three products from BRAX Fundraising that can make any sports fan the spirit of your fundraising efforts.


BRAX Spirit Cups


These durable and dishwasher-safe holographic cups are sure to excite sports fans everywhere. Each 4-pack of spirit cups purchased can earn your organization up to $7.25 in direct profit. These American made Spirit Cups support our nation’s teams, military, and economy, all while helping achieve your fundraising goals.


BRAX Spirit Travel Cups


BRAX Spirit Travel Cups let sports fanatics show their team loyalty wherever they go. Each cup is spill-proof and insulated to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Coming two to a package, Spirit Travel Cups deliver the same $7.25 potential profit with each sale. Along with all BRAX Fundraising products, Spirit Travel Cups have no upfront cost nor inventory, making them a win-win for your organization and your customers.


BRAX Spirit Popcorn


No game day would be complete without delicious snacks to keep fans satisfied through every play or inning. BRAX Spirit Popcorn helps sports fans showcase their team pride while also serving up buckets full of hot and irresistible popcorn. Each order of Spirit Popcorn comes equipped with a durable and resealable team-inspired bucket with handle, filled with five bags of certified gluten-free popcorn. Spirit Popcorn is sure to hit a home run with sports fans of every age.

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