Consider Flower Power for your Business Fundraising

Posted on June 20, 2013 under EFS Blog, Flower Power, Fundraising

If your company or organization is looking for a way to raise money for an event or project, look no further than Effective Fundraiser Solutions (EFS). Our goal is to provide the best partner companies that provide quality, and highly profitable products for your fundraising operation. To this effect we have partnered with three terrific fundraising companies to provide a range of products for what best suits your needs. One of these companies is Flower Power, which has been providing excellent solutions for fundraising since 2007.

Likely to be one of the most colorful fundraising options that you have, Flower Power is a fundraising company that specializes in providing the most flower bulbs possible. Flower power offers an excellent alternative to other fundraisers that focus on selling candy, or gift items.

Flower Power fundraising utilizes today’s technology with online ordering. Boost your profits by 60% or more. Now there are three ways to run your highest grossing fundraiser ever!

  • Face-to-face by using our proven successful full-color catalogs.

  • Online by inviting friends and family from across the country with our easy-to-use web program.

  • BEST OPTION is to use both our face-to-face catalog and online fundraising programs together, and earn even more!

If you decide to take the online fundraiser rout, you will have access to your own customizable landing page to attract customers to. Choosing either route you will still receive excellent products, and receive 50% of the profit on every sale.

Flower Power’s fundraising schedule is currently in its fall season, which runs from May to November. This means that all of the plants that Flower Power are currently selling are best planted in late fall, and will be shipped from early to mid fall depending on when orders are placed, and when optimal planting times are for the regions they will be shipping to.

Flower Power was a joint creation between Gardener’s Supply and Dutch Gardens in Burlington VT. Since its inception Flower Power has provided excellent service, and fund raising options for organizations, and EFS is proud to have them as one of our partners.