Effective Fundraising Ideas: Get People to Your Event

effective fundraising ideas

When raising money for a school, organization, or cause, you need a great idea, but you also need people to come to your event. But how do you get people to show up? Advertising your event on social media and in local publications is great, but that will only get you so far. And there’s only so much you can do to get people to see your post or ad. If you’re hosting an event to raise money, you need effective fundraising ideas to get people excited about your event.

Take these effective fundraising ideas and tips from the fundraising experts at EFS.


There’s more than one way to donate.

If you’ve ever run a fundraiser before, you know that you’ll find plenty of people who want to help, but they don’t necessarily want to—or can’t—give money. Experienced fundraisers know that it’s important to get those people involved, even if they help out in a way other than giving money. If you’re having a raffle, ask them to help provide or make the prizes. Sometimes local businesses will provide a raffle prize in exchange for free advertising. Asking people to volunteer if they can’t donate is a great way to get people involved and spread the word about your event.


Don’t limit your “donor pool.”

There is usually an obvious group of people who will participate in your fundraiser, but don’t limit your “donor pool.” For example, for a school fundraiser, the first people you go to are parents and students. But all those parents and students have friends and relatives. Even if they don’t attend or have a student in the school, they are often willing to donate and participate. Broaden your reach even further by allowing people to participate virtually.


Never forget the personal touch.

Social media is great for fundraising, but you can’t underestimate the power of the personal touch. If you ask people in person to donate or participate in your event, you’ll find that a lot more say yes than if you only ask them via email blast or social media post. But it’s not always possible to ask everyone in person, so a personal email or private message can go a long way. People like to feel that you want them in particular to help your cause. And you do! Putting in that extra effort will result in more donors and participants.


Raise More Money with Effective Fundraising Ideas

If your school or organization is hosting a fundraiser, these effective fundraising ideas can give you a boost. Need more ideas or help to organize your event? Effective Fundraising Solutions can help. We have campaigns and products that your community and donors will love.


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