Effective Fundraising: Sell Wrapping Paper This Thanksgiving

Posted on November 7, 2023 under EFS Blog

Fundraisers for schools, sports teams, and other organizations are often inspired by the time of year and upcoming holidays. Effective fundraising relies on making it easy for potential donors to support your cause or organization. At Effective Fundraising Solutions, we’re all about giving you simple solutions to reach your fundraising goals. As Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it’s prime time for you to get a fundraiser underway!


If you’re looking for easy and effective fundraising ideas for Thanksgiving, you can’t go wrong with a wrapping paper fundraiser.


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It’s all in the timing.

The arrival of Thanksgiving means that Christmas and other gift-centric holidays are just around the corner, too. No matter how long their list is, everyone can use some wrapping paper this time of year. Thanksgiving weekend is when many people begin their holiday shopping, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect.


Everybody loves convenience.

Wrapping paper is one of those things that you don’t think to stock up on until you run out. If your child’s school is having a wrapping paper fundraiser, it’s a convenient way to support the school and get something that you need. But what if you’re another organization or group that wants to get your timely and convenient fundraiser in front of potential donors? Set up in areas lots of people are likely to visit. Ask local businesses or grocery stores if they will let you set up in front of their store.


There’s plenty of profit potential.

Fundraising is—of course—about raising funds, so you want to pick something to sell that is going to bring it a fair amount of money. Wrapping paper is easy to promote, especially around the holidays, and it is a relatively inexpensive item. People are likely to purchase more rolls because they are affordable, they need them, and they get to support a good cause. As the fundraiser, you also get to keep more of the money you raised because wrapping paper has a relatively high profit margin compared to other products.


Effective Fundraising for Thanksgiving

Our team at Effective Fundraising Solutions is here to help you raise the money your organization needs to operate and benefit your community. We even have ready-to-go fundraising campaigns to make the process as simple as possible.


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