Effective Fundraising Tips For the Holiday Season

Posted on November 1, 2021 under EFS Blog

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With the holidays quickly approaching, effective fundraising can mean thousands of dollars for your school or organization. Here, our team from Effective Fundraising Solutions provides you a few simple tips to keep in mind when organizing your next campaign.


Consider your audience.

Before you can select the perfect fundraiser, you need to consider who you will be marketing to. Are you reaching out to parents and family’s of an athlete or are you planning a large-scale campaign that extends to every student, every grade, every family? Depending on your target audience, choosing a fundraiser that is appealing is a must. Without this step, you could set yourself up for failure before you ever being.


Set your goal.

Next, set a realistic goal to attain. When doing this, have deliverables that you can share with your audience. For example, you may be trying to raise $5,000 for new playground equipment. By letting your audience know this and keeping them in the loop, you are more likely to achieve the goal versus a blanket fundraiser that people don’t know what they are contributing to.


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Select a fundraiser that offers many ways to order.

Today’s world is a digital world. While some people prefer the magazine and check option, others will order online from the comfort of their homes. Be sure to have all options available to obtain the most extensive reach.


Keep your supporters in the know!

As mentioned, keep your supporters in the know! If you are close to reaching your goal, people are likely to share or even place a second order to help your school get there! Don’t be shy in this category; supporters appreciate knowing where their money went and that it made a difference!

No matter what your goal, the team at EFS is here to make your next fundraising campaign a successful one! Contact Effective Fundraising Solutions today to discuss the many options available and start your holidays off on the right foot!


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