Effective Fundraising With the Power Of Chocolate

Fundraising is an excellent way to earn monetary support needed for several different causes.  Whether you’re raising money to support school trips, sports league funding, or even for an event you’re participating in, effective fundraising is the key to well-managed efforts. 

effective fundraising


One of the first steps is deciding if your fundraising methods will be effective, is by knowing your audience.  Who are you reaching out to for support? What would grab the attention of that audience, causing them to want to donate? One thing is for certain; most individuals have a sweet tooth.  Even those who are the ideal pictures of healthy eating have a cheat day or moment.  With Otis Spunkmeyer fundraising campaigns, you can be sure your efforts will be worth it.


It’s All About the Cookie

For over 40 years, Otis Spunkmeyer has been perfecting the cookie.  Dedicated to baking, experimenting, and innovating new ways to keep our taste buds happy, the team at Otis Spunkmeyer is committed to making a higher level of treats without the funky stuff.  With the introduction of reduced-fat cookies in 2006, the company began to rethink its ingredients.  Recipes were switched up with the health of the consumer in mind.  All of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and muffins now contain 0 grams of trans fats.  No PHOs, No HFCs, No artificial flavors or colors, only the goodness you deserve!


Taking Your Cookie to The Next Level

Although Otis Spunkmeyer is known for their mouth-watering cookies, they’ve expanded over the years partnering with some pretty cool companies around the globe.  For example, in 1992, the company broke borders when it expanded into Europe and Mexico.  A few years later, they went to Canada.  Partnering with companies like Sweet Happenings and Chippery, Otis Spunkmeyer was able to offer more wholesome goodness to their customers.  Items like muffins, danishes, and brownies, ensuring a bit of something for everyone.

However, cookies are their thing.  Fundraising with Otis Spunkmeyer provides people the opportunity to bring home frozen cookie dough and experience the timeless taste of a good old fashioned cookie.  Warm chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, cooled cookies made into ice cream sandwiches, crumbled cookies incorporated into truffles, the possibilities are endless.


If you’re looking for an effective fundraising campaign sure to bring in the support you need, look no further.  At Effective Fundraising Solutions, we’ve partnered with Otis Spunkmeyer to bring our customers the solutions they need.  Check us out online to see how else we can help your fundraising efforts.  From socks to cookies, we have you covered! Visit us online or give us a call at (603) 216-9001.