Five Reasons Why Teachers Need To Be Part of Fundraising

fundraisingAs crucial as PTO members, students, and other people are to the process of fundraising, the inclusion of teachers in a school cannot get underestimated. It’s crucial that they become part of the process so the fundraiser will be successful and implemented into every student’s routine. It goes beyond simple involvement, though!



1.) It helps them

Teachers would be remiss not to recognize the fact that school fundraising helps them in a few ways. For one, the profit. As more funding comes into the school, teachers can buy or receive new supplies to make their teaching, lesson planning, and execution even more efficient than it is already. The more income at their fingertips, the more teachers can provide excellent learning experiences like field trips for students.


2.) They know students

Of course, members of the PTO know students best – they’re their parents! Still, since they interact with them every day, teachers gain an understanding of student personalities and get to know them quite well. As they continue to form bonds with students, they can develop ideas that will make fundraising easy and fun for their students.


3.) The more, the merrier

There’s strength in numbers, especially in a case like a school fundraiser where figures have a substantial impact. Simply put, the more people you have on your team, the more products you can sell and the more income you can earn for your school to make it the best it can be. 


4.) Creativity

Teachers need a dose of creativity to excel in their profession. How else can you make learning concepts so fun and enticing? A bit of creativity can be instrumental in a fundraiser since it enables sellers to have some fun and present items or goals in a unique way that is sure to make an impact on potential buyers.


5.) Understanding

Teachers can get frustrated when a random fundraiser invades their classroom space. They may see it as something that disrupts the flow of their class or learning processes, but it can be so much more. The more teachers engage with a fundraiser as it happens, the more they understand its impact and can make it work in and out of the classroom.



For fundraising to be successful, all team members need to get on board. Teachers are part of every student’s life, and including them can only improve the success rate of any drive. For more information about how to fundraise, call Effective Fundraising Solutions at (855)-888-4337!