Flower Power for Effective Fundraising This School Year

flower power fundraiser


Thinking about ideas for next year’s plans? It’s time to start thinking about effective fundraising solutions for your students.  Fundraising is the ideal way to raise the money needed for student activities, field trips, playground equipment, and more.  However, fundraisers can also cause a lot of eye-rolling from friends and family.  To avoid this, you need a fun, unique fundraiser that will grab people’s attention. Enter the Flower Power Fundraiser.


Who is Flower Power?


If you have even the smallest of green thumbs, you’ve probably heard of Gardener’s Supply.  Well, they teamed up with Dutch Gardens in hopes of sparking an interest in gardening among children.  Collaboratively a fundraising program was created.  This program became an immediate success.  Not only are flowers fun to buy, but they are also easy to sell.


The Benefits


From the school system’s point of view, a Flower Power fundraiser is one of the most effective fundraising campaigns you can host.  With a 50% return profit on the total sales, your school can earn back record-level profits that benefit the students.  Plus, your school will save money with free shipping to your organization.


The Promise 


Often people turn away fundraisers because of past experiences that left a sour taste in their mouth.  Whether products never arrived, were out of stock, or were of poor quality, people don’t want to spend a lot and not receive what was promised.  Flower Power puts those worries to rest with a 100% money-back guarantee.  The organization is so confident in the quality of their bulbs and plants; they’re happy to offer this guarantee.


flower bulb fundraising


What types of flowers are offered?


Offering only the highest-quality bulbs and plants from Holland and U.S., Flower Power cycles three different programs depending on the time of year.  For example, the Fall program is now underway.  Because of the cooler temperatures, flowers that can, and will, survive the upcoming frost are offered.  For example, indoor herb gardens.  Fall is also the perfect time for bulb planting.  Thus, a large variety of spring bulbs are available.


An earth-friendly and unique alternative, Flower Power provides the effective fundraising solution your school has been looking for! For more information, contact the team at EFS.  We’ll assist you with a smooth, enjoyable fundraising process from start to finish.  Contact us today at (855) 888-4337 to find out how easy it can be to bring the largest return your school has seen!  Located in Londonderry, NH, our team has been helping schools thrive for decades!