Foolproof Fundraising Strategies

Fundraising Card ProgramFundraisers are meant as a way to earn money at little to no cost to you for a larger cause. Anybody can start a fundraiser, but the trick to a successful fundraiser is to use effective fundraising ideas. Some fundraisers look to earn large sums of money, while others only need enough. No matter the price, reaching your goal depends on the strategies you implement. Never underestimate what planning can do for your fundraiser.


Knowing Your Market

Fundraisers that don’t have a target market in mind at the inception, tend to get lost or hit roadblocks along the way. A lot of successful fundraising revolves around the product being offered. In order to choose the right product, you need to have an idea who you are going to sell to. For school fundraisers, gift wraps and Smencils tend to have a high success rate. There are also snack products and cookie dough that appeal to any age range. For fundraising outside of school, flowers and drinkware are products everybody has interest in. Remember, the product should be fitting for who you want to buy and not necessarily who is doing the selling.


Advertising a fundraiser is key to reaching your goal. Of course, advertisement does not mean buying ads. While that can be useful, you run the risk of losing money. The best way to get your fundraiser into public attention is social media. In recent years, social media has hit the forefront of advertising strategies. It works the same as word of mouth, but it has the ability to reach an exponentially larger audience. For effective fundraising ideas, social networking and social media are all you need to tell the world about your fundraiser.


The best way to get your fundraiser going is to get more people involved. By getting people to participate, you have more chances of earning money. Incentivizing your volunteers will give them motivation to work harder. Incentives can be little things. For some, a little friendly competition is enough to get them going. For others, small gestures like an ice cream social or pizza party is all they need. Making your volunteers feel appreciated and awarding incentives to the hardest workers is a great strategy for successful fundraising.

Remember, the success of a fundraiser comes down to the planning and effort you put into it. Do the research before you plan a fundraiser and know your target market. Consider effective fundraising strategies like advertising and incentives to really get your fundraiser off the ground. For advice on getting your fundraiser started, contact Effective Fundraising Solutions or visit them online today!