Fundraising Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 7, 2022 under easy fundraising ideas, Fundraising Ideas

valentines fundraising ideas

Show the love with these five fundraising ideas!

With so many ways to say “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day, why not make it a special day for kids and adults to enjoy? Effective Fundraising Solutions is here to help bring your fundraising idea to the next level. Check out these love-ly fundraiser ideas for your special day!

Fundraising Ideas

For those who want to plan a significant function, a dance or a race is always a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s still cold in New England, so be sure to plan your fundraisers accordingly! Always plan to recruit a sponsor and have a donor in mind for the fundraiser proceeds.

valentines fundraising ideas

Dance the Night Away

The iconic sweetheart dance never goes out of style. You can shake it up by hosting a grandparent’s day dance at a local retirement home or go all out with a Valentine’s Ball. Dances are a great way to recruit a sponsor. Recruit a business to sponsor the event, with proceeds benefiting an organization that helps low-income seniors. Bonus: Sell flowers to each dance partner and have each person write an anonymous valentine to share. 

fundraising ideas

Charitable Run

Even when it’s cold, there’s nothing like a run! And if the weather is less than optimal, plan a backup like a school or a university gym. Have a signup ready to go online and create athletic wear with the fundraiser’s logo, sponsor, and donor mission. Bonus: sell cookies to bystanders and hand out thank you notes to those who take part in the run!

fundraising ideas

Books + Charity Drive = Love

Who doesn’t love giving and accepting books? Have your school host a book drive for a local children’s nonprofit! Bonus: offer a gift basket giveaway or a raffle for all to participate in.


fundraising ideas

A Shower of Flowers 

And finally, Flowers! Everyone enjoys receiving a rose or two on Valentine’s. Instead of roses, feel free to switch it up with other flowers in season, like tulips. A percentage could go to a local hospital or charity for every rose sold.

 Start Your Fundraising Ideas Right!

Start with Effective Fundraising Solutions (EFS), your New England Fundraising experts! We will help your not-for-profit organization generate the practical fundraising tools necessary to create a Valentine’s event to remember and love! From start to finish, our professional staff will work with your team to generate fundraising ideas and maximize the effectiveness of your program.

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