Fundraising Ideas that Get You Outside

fundraising ideas

Now that the weather is warm, we are looking for reasons to get outside. So why can’t fundraising be one of them? Spring and summer are the times when we want fundraising ideas that will get us outside. There are many ways to combine raising money for your school or organization and enjoying the spring and summer weather. At Effective Fundraising Solutions, we want to help you organize the perfect fundraiser that will bring in the most money while ensuring the participants have the most fun. And that includes the volunteers!

Here are some fundraising ideas that will benefit your school or organization and let everyone enjoy the outdoors.


Flower Power

Flowers are an easy sell. They’re beautiful, make a great gift, and planting them is a fun outdoor project for everyone. With a fundraising package from Flower Power, you won’t only raise money for your organization, you’ll also beautify your community. The Flower Power program is a proven success with bulbs from two companies located in Burlington, Vermont. Everyone will have a great gardening experience with the high-quality bulbs sourced from growers in the U.S. and Holland.


Garden(ing) Party

If you want to take community beautification one step further, bring everyone together to plant a garden. Or you can gather to spruce one up that needs a little TLC. If the front of your school is looking a little shabby or there is a place in your community that could use some gardening, why not bring everyone together to help? It’s one of those fundraising ideas that can benefit two groups at once. Give out flowers, trees, and plants to attendees who donate to your cause, and everyone can plant and garden together. Your organization will benefit from the donations and a space in your community will be beautiful when you’re finished.

Memorial Day Barbeque

Memorial Day is May 30th this year, and a great reason to hold a barbeque. Get local restaurants to donate food if you can, or have a potluck. Get people together to show off their grilling skills. Sell plates to go for those who can’t stick around to enjoy the festivities. Include raffles, games, competitions, and prizes to raise more money and have more activities for everyone to enjoy.


Get More Fundraising Ideas from EFS

Everyone could use a boost these days, so let Effective Fundraising Solutions help! We have fundraising ideas for all sorts of organizations and events. Contact our team today to find out more about what we do or to get started on your next fundraiser.