Get Cozy with Easy Fundraising Ideas

Posted on October 7, 2022 under EFS Blog, Fundraising Ideas

Now that we’re into fall, fundraisers are starting to switch gears. While summer is full of planting, charity walks, sports days, and other outdoor activities, once the weather gets cooler, people start to gravitate toward activities that keep them indoors. Fall is all about coziness, so why not hop on the cozy train with some easy fundraising ideas? At Effective Fundraising Solutions, we have multiple fundraising campaigns that will make donors feel cozy when they support your cause.

easy fundraising ideas

Check out these easy fundraising ideas that are perfect for fall!



Custom Socks

Everyone’s team or group has T-shirts, but what about socks? If you want to show off your team spirit but the weather is too cool for short sleeves, socks are the perfect solution. Choose from nine different styles and include up to three colors in your design. Whether you have a sports team or advocacy group, custom socks are a fun, easy, and cozy way to raise money or awareness for your cause.


Cookie Dough

Can you think of a cozier fall activity than baking? We’re certainly hard-pressed to think of one. As fun as it is to bake from scratch, we don’t always have the time. With cookie dough from one of our fundraising campaigns, your supporters can try out lots of different delicious cookie varieties that they can bake in their own homes.


Chocolate and Confections

If you prefer your sweets ready-to-eat, you can’t go wrong with chocolate from Van Wyk Confections! Based in Castle Rock, CO, Van Wyk is a family-owned business that makes delicious peanut-free chocolate bars that even the most discriminating palate will love. And chocolate is always a great fundraising option. It practically sells itself.


Bonus: Gear Up for the Holidays with Gift Wrap

Although it might feel like fall just started, the holidays will be here before you know it. Stay ahead of the calendar and raise money for your institution or cause with gift wrap. Start your fundraiser now to ensure that your donors receive their orders in plenty of time for the holiday season.


Need more easy fundraising ideas? Get in touch with EFS at 855-888-4337. Our team of experienced fundraising experts will help you set up the best campaign for your organization.