Have Fun and Do Good with Back to School Fundraising

Posted on September 7, 2022 under EFS Blog, Fundraising, Fundraising Ideas

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We’re back in school, and the season of back to school fundraising is upon us. There are plenty of go-to school fundraisers, but people get tired of them, and everyone would welcome something different. But how do you land on a good idea that will actually make money for your school or organization? Well, you’re asking the right people by coming to Effective Fundraising Solutions.

Here are some of our favorite school fundraising ideas that will ensure fun and results.


Pop-Up Coffee Shop

Everyone loves coffee, right? This particular idea is great for high school students. Set up a temporary coffee shop on campus, run by the students, and announce that all the proceeds will go to the school or the cause the students want to support. Not only is the pop-up coffee shop fun for everyone, but the students running it will also learn the basics of what it takes to run a business.


Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie dough is another surefire winner. There are plenty of varieties, and it pretty much sells itself. And now that the weather is getting cooler, the idea of baking at home is a much more welcome one than in the summer. Even better, EFS makes it easy with cookie dough and other gourmet snack programs from our catalog!


Outdoor Movie Night

The days getting shorter may be a sign that summer is drawing to a close, but we’ve found a silver lining. When it gets dark earlier, that means you can set up your projector outside and start your outdoor movie night before it gets too late! Host an outdoor movie night at a local park or on one of the school’s sports fields. Ask attendees to bring snacks to sell as concessions, or ask local restaurants to donate food.


Group Hiking Trip

Many people prefer to hike in the fall because it’s not as hot as in the summer. But how do you turn it into a fundraiser? There are several ways to do it, but our favorite idea is to treat it like a more interesting charity walk. It’s still a physical challenge that lets participants support a cause, but the scenery is much better.


Better School Fundraising with EFS

If the fall and back to school fundraising events that you do every year need a little shake-up, the team at Effective Fundraising Solutions is here to help! Our experienced staff will help you plan a fundraiser that will be a success and fun for everyone.


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