It’s Time For Spring Fundraising Ideas!

Posted on March 31, 2015 under Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising ideasSpring is finally in the air, and is the perfect time for your organization to bloom! One of the most popular fundraising ideas this time of year is Flower Power, an effective program inviting new or seasoned green thumbs of all ages to support both their home gardens and your organization. Combining the high-quality products of both Gardener’s Supply and Dutch Gardens into one program brings the best of the best gardening supplies to your supporters, and allows your organization to grow to its full potential.

Flower Power was originally designed to engage schools and students in more gardening programs, and enhance the learning experience that both fundraising and gardening can provide. With great success from the start, the Flower Power Fundraiser has helped thousands of organizations raise millions of dollars through the use of both catalog and online programs. Flower Power makes fundraising a whole lot easier with the availability of a completely online program, fully equipped with email promotion and bulb shipments sent straight to customers. No door-to-door sales or stressful distribution events required! A 50 percent profit on sales and a 100 percent money-back guarantee makes Flower Power a risk-free and easy sell to support your efforts.

One of the reasons that makes Flower Power one of the most effective fundraising ideas, is the multitude of options available. From bright and vibrant floral blooms of many shapes, sizes, and varieties, to juicy red strawberries, and flavorful garden vegetables, the options are endless to suit whatever home gardener’s are looking for. The quality standards set by the U.S and Holland growers of the Flower Power bulbs and plants assure that each product will deliver perfect results every time.

For more information on Flower Power or other Spring fundraising ideas, contact Effective Fundraising Solutions at 855-888-4337.