Kick-off your Fundraisers With Custom Socks



With the cold weather striking New England, there is no better time to start a fundraising campaign selling custom socks to show team support. At Effective Fundraising Solutions, we help you create different ways to start a fundraising campaign for any team, event, and more. With our help your fundraisers will always be a success! 


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There are many jobs around a home or community that everyone wishes they had someone to do for them. This is where your sports team can come in. With the idea of rent-a-team, you can set an hourly fee to hire your team to execute chores for those in your community. These tasks could include yard cleaning, decluttering, shoveling, and more. In addition, if some of your team members have unique or special skills, you can put those on the list too!


Team Socks

Having socks that display your team logo is one of the best ways to promote your team while offering support. At Effective Fundraising Solutions, we offer nine styles of socks that are fully customizable to show your team colors and pride. In addition, our fundraisers allow for friends, family, and fans to shop their team spirit from the stands. Custom team socks are the perfect fundraiser solution for any age group as we offer sizing options from youth to extra large. 


Find the Perfect Fundraisers for Your Team.

At Effective Fundraising Solutions, our team of highly qualified staff is here to make your fundraising efforts an effective one. Our programs don’t require you to take on the role of a retail establishment. We will introduce you to a few options which allow you to stay relatively hands-off while teaming up with your members to execute the plan. If you would like to set up an appointment, our staff is more than happy to meet with you in person to discuss all of your options.


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