Let’s Have Fun. Do You Have Smencils?

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Yes, you read that right, we said Smencils.  As one of the top fundraising companies for schools, our team has brought great success to schools with this fun and easy fundraiser. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to liven up their day with a scented writing utensil?  Here is a quick look into one of our top in-school ways to raise a little extra dough for your students, while having fun.


What, exactly, is a Smencil?


Well, if you break the word down, you’ll have smell and pencil smooshed into one creative and innovative product, the Smencil.  With a simple idea in 2000, a team went to work to try to add scent to a wooden pencil.  However, this proved to be a challenge, and more innovative thinking was needed.  Enter the concept of a recycled, and scented writing utensil.  Made from recycled newspaper, Smencils came together in 2001 and has been helping schools earn millions of fundraising dollars each year!


Low cost 


One of the best features from the standpoint of the school’s administration is the cost of this fundraiser.  Because the goal is to raise money, you shouldn’t have a hefty upfront cost.  Smencils can be purchased by staff and students for as little as $1 and pens for $2 while still earning your school money.  Most schools have reported a profit of $50-$55 per bucket.


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Variety is the spice of life


Over the years, Scentco has partnered with some pretty cool companies, like Marvel and Crayola, to provide you with options that appeal to all grade levels.  From Valentine’s themes to sports, graphite to mechanical pencils, there is no shortage of the selection made available to schools.

In fact, Scentco has brought the company so far, you’ve probably already heard of some of the products and never realized it.  For example, Crayola Silly Scents is just one of the many popular products that are available to consumers readily.

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For more information on a fundraiser that makes dollars with scents, contact our team at Effective Fundraising Solutions.  As one of the top fundraising companies for schools in the New England area, we have the proven solutions you’ve been searching for.  Call us today and experience the difference for yourself (603) 216-9001.