Making Your Way Through A Fundraising Roadblock

fundraising ideasWhen fundraisers are in the planning stages, it seems as if nothing can stop you. You have a definitive plan, financial goals and excellent prizes. What could go wrong? No matter how hard we try hard to make things happen, we encounter roadblocks that hinder our efforts and bring us back to earth. FEAR NOT! We have some surefire ideas to help you break through.

Assess the Process so Far

Keep things simple, make sure everyone is on task, and check all the items on your To-Do list. Though this seems obvious, the fine details can get overlooked when you’re focusing on the end goal of a fundraiser. Focus on the tasks at hand and it will set a smoother course moving forward.

Keep Motivation High

Incentive reminders, daily prizes and an on-going promotion of the fundraiser for 2 weeks is critical. In today’s society, social media can be a great way to motivate people taking part in the fundraiser and in finding more volunteers for the fundraiser. If you have a school app, send push notifications. Email reminders, daily announcements and posts on Facebook and other social media platforms keep people thinking of the fundraiser and spread awareness of the cause.

Explore Other Options

Incentives in the form of prizes, gift cards, etc. are good but creative thinking may uncover some hidden gems. Get your principal and teachers involved. When students see teachers they like supporting the fundraiser, they’re more likely to get involved. Prizes like a free lunch with the Principal, a movie day in class with participating teachers, or even free tickets to a school dance are great motivators. Spreading good karma earns good karma and gets people participating.

Make It Fun

One way to keep things simple, motivate participants and ensure turn-in days and pick-up days are completed on time is to make an event out of deadlines. Instead of having fundraising forms turned-in to a teacher between classes, make it a pizza social. Participants can turn in their form, grab a slice of pizza and socialize for twenty minutes before class. The same can be done for pickup days. For instance, you can screen a movie on the football field and have volunteers pickup their items on their way out. It keeps people incentivized not only to participate, but to get everything done on time.

Fundraisers are useful, fun activities that can make a difference, but that doesn’t mean there may not be roadblocks along the way. Never be discouraged. Considering the steps above can ensure an easier time planning and implementing your fundraiser for a greater success. For fundraising advice, give Effective Fundraising Solutions a call at (855)-888-4337!