Maximize Fundraising Profits with Charleston Wrap™

Posted on December 12, 2013 under EFS Blog, Fundraising Solutions

Effective Fundraising Solutions is proud to be partnered with a new fundraising program. Charleston Wrap is an UltraHeavy™ gift wrap company whose wrapping papers are designed for and used by high-end department and retail stores. But now you can sell these multicolored, uniquely designed gift wraps to make profit for your school or organization. These finely finished wrapping paper rolls are so wonderfully inimitable and competitively priced that everyone is certain to need one (and by one, we mean a few) for their holiday wrapping collection. As a bonus, all Charleston Wrap gift wraps are designed and produced in the United States with environmentally-friendly materials. Who can resist the beauty of that?

And your profit doesn’t end there. Charleston Wrap features all sorts of high quality fundraising products. From desserts to ticket sales to kitchen necessities, Charleston Wrap fundraising kits offer over 500 products—many of which are priced at under $12 and made in the USA. Needless to say, these products virtually sell themselves. Whether you’re looking to fundraise in the spring or in the fall, Charleston Wrap has unique programs for both seasons, as well as popular frozen food programs for spring and fall.

The company offers enticing prizes and other incentives to motivate students to rise to the top of their fundraising groups. With cumulative incentive programs, daily prize giveaways, instant internet prizes, and even teacher incentives, all participants will be encouraged and driven to partake in your fundraising efforts.

When you choose Charleston Wrap for your fundraising needs, you’ll easily reach all of your goals with a remarkable profit margin of 40-50%. With Effective Fundraising Solutions, LLC, you’ll be able to maximize this profit, and our experts will not only guide you through the process, but will ensure an enjoyable and stress-free fundraising experience. Contact EFS today and let our professionals help you find your best fundraising solution.