Maximize Profits With a Charleston Wrap Fundraiser

Posted on November 7, 2020 under school fundraising

charleston wrap fundraiser

Each year schools look for ways to increase participation and profits through fundraising.  As the primary source of funding for activities and other extracurricular items for the students, school fundraising is crucial. Because we understand the importance of these efforts, Effective Fundraising Solutions is proud to be partnered with the Charleston Wrap fundraiser program.  From catalogs to online stores, Charleston Wrap enables supporters multiple ways to contribute with ease.  Thus, maximizing your overall profits.

The Benefits of a Charleston Wrap Fundraiser

Beyond being the only school fundraising company with over 25 years of experience, Charleston Wrap offers several high-quality papers that people look forward to purchasing.  Their Ultra Heavy™ gift wrap features an array of unique designs at competitive prices.  As an added bonus to encourage sales, these papers are produced in the United States with environmentally-friendly materials.  So, not only are buyers receiving a local, sustainable product but one that won’t have them feeling ripped off. Who can resist that beauty of that?

School Focused

As industry leaders, Charleston Wrap understands the unique challenges that schools face.  To help overcome those obstacles, they’ve developed an exclusive process and set of tools to help students succeed.   Some of these tools include the ability to deliver products directly to the classroom, secure online ordering for supporters, and a variety of prize and incentive initiatives that will have your students wanting to participate.  

Proven Profit Margin Increase

Over the past 25 years of helping schools, we’ve set goals and surpassed them.  On average, the typical school will see an increase of 30% in their profits when making the switch to a Charleston Wrap fundraiser program.  Why? Simply put, people like the variety and the quality of the products that are offered.  Besides, the easier it is for them to order, the more likely it is for them to order.  Better value means higher profits for your school.

Charleston Wrap Fundraiser with Effective Fundraising Solutions

If you’re exploring new options to maximize your school’s profits, consider looking further in-depth at the Charleston Wrap fundraiser program.  The program offers hundreds of different products and a variety of which are under $15!  The hassle-free ordering system encourages supporters to purchase from their favorite little guy or gal.


For more information on how to get your school established with Charleston Wrap, contact the team at Effective Fundraising Solutions.