New Year, New Goals: Creative Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Posted on December 7, 2023 under EFS Blog, Fundraising, Fundraising Ideas

As the New Year approaches, it’s the perfect time for schools to kick off innovative fundraising ideas that support important causes and inspire personal growth and development. We all want to make and stick to our resolutions, but sometimes we need a little help. And if we can raise some money for our schools at the same time, all the better!


Here are some fun ways to weave New Year’s resolutions into your fundraising efforts and give you some New Year’s fundraising ideas.


Resolution Relay Challenge

Challenge students to set fitness goals and engage in a relay event where each participant contributes to achieving a collective distance target. Seek sponsorships from parents, friends, and local businesses for every mile covered, with funds raised going toward a school project or charity. By having everyone contribute to reaching the target, students and faculty can support and encourage each other to meet their goals.


Group Learning Resolutions

Encourage classes to set learning resolutions as a group. Whether it’s reading a certain number of books, mastering a new skill, or even learning a new language, students can seek pledges from family and friends. For example, ask sponsors to donate $5 or $10 for every book a student reads within a set amount of time. The money you raise can support educational initiatives within the school.


Talent Show Fundraiser

Tap into the talents of your students by organizing a talent show. Encourage students to challenge themselves by learning a new skill to show off to their families and peers. Participants can showcase their resolutions, whether it’s a musical performance, a dance routine, or a magic trick. Charge an entry fee and donate the proceeds to a cause the school community chooses.


Resolution-themed Art Auction

Channel the creative energy of students by organizing an art auction. Students can create artwork inspired by their resolutions, and parents, teachers, and community members can bid on their favorite pieces. The funds raised can go toward art supplies or extracurricular activities.


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Creative Fundraising Ideas | Effective Fundraising Solutions

At Effective Fundraising Solutions, we’re here to help you raise money for a good cause. These resolution-themed fundraisers foster a sense of community within the school and empower students to make a positive impact on the world. Come together in the spirit of self-improvement and generosity.


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