Ready For The Holidays? Here are Some Easy Fundraising Ideas!

easy fundraising ideas

The holidays are better known as the season of giving. What better way is there to celebrate than a friendly, holiday-themed fundraiser for your cause? At Effective Fundraising Solutions, we are here to help you plan, supply, and make sure that your event is running smoothly. But before that, you have to think of a theme for your fundraising event. Here are some easy fundraising ideas for the holidays.


Gift wrapping and gifts

With major gift-giving holidays right around the corner, it is a given that one of the most popular fundraising ideas involves gifts and gift-wrapping. Many people opt to wrap presents at local malls’ shopping centers as fundraising activities. Our Merry Gift Wrap Guide offers a wide variety of gift wrapping options and decorations for the packaging. In addition, all of the rolls listed are reversible, which means that you have endless possibilities for what you can do or make.


Fresh baked cookies

Almost nothing gets people more excited for the holidays more than fresh cookies. A bake sale is another popular fundraising idea for the holiday season. You can plan popular holiday-themed cookies such as sugar cookies, gingersnaps, and snickerdoodles to sell for your cause. Cookies, not your thing? That’s fine! Cookies don’t have to be your only option as we have other options for baked goods sales, such as cakes, popcorn, and many more delicious options. 


Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe

Another service that we help with is the Lil’ Shoppers Shoppe. With this fun fundraising idea, children can join the fun of gift-giving as well! The Lil’ Shoppers Shoppe has over 115 high-quality gift ideas that are all inside of a child’s budget! Everything in this catalog is priced between 25 cents to ten dollars, with 85% of the items listed here being priced under five dollars. It is a perfect way to teach children about the power of giving while also introducing them to budgeting!


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