Spring Sports Fundraising Ideas

Posted on February 7, 2021 under Fundraising Ideas

sports fundraising ideas

It’s time to start planning for the spring! Before you know it spring sports will be upon you, so take this time to prepare yourself with a few sports fundraising ideas! Being able to brainstorm and have ideas ready will help you be more prepared when the time comes! At Effective Fundraising Solutions, we are here to help! Our team of experts has helped plan profit-yielding fundraisers for numerous non-profit organizations. By partnering with companies whose products are only of the highest quality, your profits will soar. Here are just a few ideas to consider for spring sports fundraising.

Cheers for Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? The key to planning an effective fundraiser is finding something that people would be interested in buying. Effective Fundraising Solutions works with the company Van Wyk for the One Dollar Bar chocolate fundraiser. These chocolate bars have earned the title “America’s Favorite $1 bar.” These low-priced chocolates make for great fundraising not only because they are inexpensive but because they are delicious! 

Spirited Socks

This is an especially popular fundraiser when it comes to schools and sports teams. Buyers can customize socks to represent a sports team or special occasion! With unlimited color and design choices, this can be a fun way to fundraise while also showing some school spirit. Oftentimes we see groups buy matching socks to support a sports team! They are also wonderful options for sports teams to buy together to show uniformity on the field! 

Fantastic Food

Choosing consumables is always a great fundraising technique. At Effective Fundraising Solutions, we have an extensive catalog of goodies from cookie dough to baking kits. Specifically for sports, we see people choose to sell popcorn or cookies! Consider your target audience and what they would be most interested in and perhaps select that specific food for your fundraiser! When in doubt, choose something that most people generally enjoy! 

Sports Fundraising Ideas with Effective Fundraising Solutions

Regardless of the fundraiser, planning ahead will greatly benefit the outcome. When you plan a fundraiser with Effective Fundraising Solutions we help you plan and execute your fundraiser from start to finish. Our goal is to maximize your profits while helping you with any guidance you may need along the way! If you are interested in these sports fundraising ideas, please contact the team at Effective Fundraising Solutions and we can get started working on your fundraiser!