The Best Fundraising Product for Every Age

lifestyleAlmost anything can be a fundraising product. Every once in a while you see news stories about little old ladies who sell quilts they hand-knitted to earn money for the community. It’s heartwarming to see people get involved. It’s even more heartwarming to see a fundraiser succeed. Teaching children fundraising from a young age is a great way to show how to be an active part of their community. While knowing your target market is key to a fundraisers success, knowing your volunteers shouldn’t be underestimated. Whether it’s food products or the flower power fundraiser, here are the best fundraising campaigns for every age.


Elementary School

To get elementary aged children excited about fundraising, go with gift wrap. Young kids are easily excited, but also easily distracted. While it is important to remember that children won’t be selling their fundraising product to other kids, make it fun! Kids react positively to bright colors and holiday surprises. When they think of gift wrap, kids think of Christmas and birthday parties. It makes them happy which makes them want to fundraise!

Middle School

Middle school is that delicate age between childhood and full-blown adolescents. They want to act like the older kids but don’t want to give up their childhood yet either. For this age group, a Smencils fundraiser is an excellent idea. With Smencils comes Smens and their line of products is varied enough to keep any middle schooler interested. With themes like Disney, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks, and Marvel, you can’t go wrong. This product is a great way to keep them focused on fundraising while still holding onto the novelty of childhood.

High School

Food! This age group is best defined by the attitude “old enough to know better, too young to care!” Sure, they know the importance of eating healthy, but they’re still young enough to enjoy sweets without seeing the side effects for a few more years. Using chocolates or cookie dough is a surefire way to get teenagers involved. The more excited they are about the products, the more enthusiastic their buyers will be.


By the time you’re an adult, you have a different perspective on life. One thing that almost any adult can get behind selling and buying is flowers. The flower power fundraiser is perfect for adults participating in a fundraiser. With options of online and in-person catalog strategies, it adds a level of convenience for adults with busy lives. Planting flower bulbs gets families working together in the yard and is fun for everyone!


When it comes to fundraising, the possibilities are endless! There are so many different people in the world with varying interests that deciding on a product can be difficult. The best strategy is to get your volunteers just as exciting as potential customers. Try Smencils of the flower power fundraiser to reach your goal. Contact Effective Fundraising Solutions or visit them online for all your fundraising needs.