Three Sports Fundraising Ideas for Spring

sports fundraising ideas

Do you need last-minute sports fundraising ideas? We know that fundraising is a great way to pay for annual sports expenses like team uniforms and various supplies. Instead of opting for the same fundraiser every year, why not change it with Effective Fundraising Solutions? We offer a wide array of fundraising options for your sports events, e.g., pizza, cookie dough, flowers, and more! Keep reading for ways to incorporate our fundraising options into your event (rain or shine)!

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Host a Field-Day

Hosting a field day is a great way to raise money for your sports team or club. Some kid-friendly field day games include tug-of-war, obstacle courses, frisbee football, tag, and more! Creating age-appropriate competitions and hosting raffles will draw plenty of people; create a sign-up before the event to calculate the number of attendees.

easy fundraising ideas

Run a Marathon

(Or a walk-a-thon for those kid-friendly events!) Planning a race takes time, but it is a great fundraising option! When promoting the run, you can include matching socks in the ticket sale for all contestants. Plan to have raffles and prizes for the crowds, and you can even collect pledges from older families or older contestants.


Coach Competition

Get in the game, coach! It’s always fun to see the coaches compete, and it’s even better as a fundraiser. The more crazy the game, the funnier it will be! Competition ideas are endless, with dance-offs, timed baking competitions, obstacle courses, tug-of-war, and more! Recruit team players to promote and host the event, add raffle prizes or sell pizza and cookies during the event.

easy fundraising ideas

Sports Fundraising Ideas with EFS

Does your sports team need new uniforms? Start a sports fundraiser! Effective Fundraising Solutions can assist with your fundraising needs from start to finish! No matter your end goal, EFS has multiple options to make your fundraising event a success. Raising money for sports teams is a significant way to show team spirit, and it’s always a great way to promote your club or team!


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