Tips for Holding a Successful Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Posted on September 7, 2021 under Fundraising Ideas

cookie dough fundrasier


When it comes to planning and executing a fundraiser, numerous factors can make or break its success. Being able to heed the advice of others and learn what can increase its effectiveness can mean higher profits and funds raised. At Effective Fundraising Solutions, we help you throughout the planning process. Our team of experts has years of experience and can offer valuable advice. Let’s make your fundraiser a success! Here are a few practical tips to make your next cookie dough fundraiser a success! 


Reach Out to Local Businesses


One of the best ways to reach the community is by going to places that the greater community frequents. Reach out to local businesses and ask if you can set up a selling table outside of their establishment. Be creative and brainstorm places that people visit often or drive past often. Grocery stores, gas stations, downtown restaurants, and coffee shops, or even public parks. Make sure that whenever you set up you have the proper permission to do so. 


Offer Samples


One of the best ways to get people to buy cookie dough is to let them try the cookies! Before you set up somewhere, prepare by baking some of the dough so that people are able to taste test them! Not only will having samples attract people to you but it will get them hooked! Make sure to have different flavor options so that prospective buyers can taste test. By using this tactic, people are more likely to purchase since there is an element of trust that is built! 


Maximize Personal Connections


Reaching high volumes of people will ultimately increase the number of sales you are able to make. That being said, encourage your group members to use their personal connections. Take cookie dough orders from friends, family, and co-workers. Also, consider recruiting personal connections to help sell dough to everyone they know as well! 


Cookie Dough Fundraiser with Effective Fundraising Solutions


Regardless of the fundraiser, planning ahead will greatly benefit the outcome. When you plan a fundraiser with Effective Fundraising Solutions we help you plan and execute your cookie dough fundraiser from start to finish. Our goal is to maximize your profits while helping you with any guidance you may need along the way!


If you are interested in a cookie dough fundraiser with us, please contact the team at Effective Fundraising Solutions and we can get started today!