Using Fundraisers to Create Fun

A fundraiser is only as important as the cause it is benefitting. In the news you always hear about fundraising for families affected by illness or tragedy. Everybody loves to donate to these worthwhile causes. Oftentimes, people forget that smaller scale charities are just as important to a community. Every year fun events like homecoming and prom get more expensive for high school kids. Fundraising is a smart way to make every milestone affordable and accessible to every student. From Brax Spirit Cups to custom socks, here are a few ideas to use fundraisers to create fun!



In communities all across America, homecoming is a right of passage for high school students and towns as a whole. It’s a celebration to show pride in where you come from as well as have fun watching football and dancing the night away. When homecoming prices rise, selling cookie dough can keep it affordable for everybody. Because it falls in the autumn, Homecoming is a great time for people to stock up on sweets to bake during holidays like Thanksgiving.

Spirit Week

Nothing says Spirit Week like Brax Spirit cups. Customisable drinkware is a fun way to express your personality. You can put almost anything on a customizable cup so you can create options for sport fans, flower lovers, and pretty much anything else. To really represent your school spirit, get your school mascot printed on drinkware to raise money for your class.


Everybody remembers their prom, whether good or bad. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you spend a good portion of your childhood looking forward to. Getting a limo and tux or dress adds up quick. Prom comes at the end of spring to beginning of summer so try the flower power fundraiser to raise money for your class. That way everybody can enjoy prom and planting flowers to boot!


Fundraisers like Brax Spirit cups and flower power fundraisers are two examples of ways to earn money for your class and community. It’s important to get your community involved in your school to ensure everybody can enjoy the fun that comes with being a student. For any questions you may have, contact Effective Fundraising Solutions today or visit them online!