What Generates Successful Fundraising?

Posted on July 31, 2013 under EFS Blog

When it comes to raising money for your school, organization, team, or cause, it can be a tiring task to find fundraising solutions that offer both quality and profitability. That’s why our expert staff at Effective Fundraising Solutions has completed the task for you. Our programs supply products that are easy to sell and whose quality is trusted in order to enhance your fundraising experience. It’s all about investing in programs where consumers aren’t hesitant to buy.

  • World’s Finest Chocolate ― A frontrunner in the fundraising world, WFC sells premium chocolate bars (made directly from the bean) for just $1, helping groups maximize potential profit and exceed their fundraising goals. World’s Finest offers free wrapper personalization to make the buyer’s experience a bit more special. This program offers a variety of chocolate products in a host of flavors, so there’s something to suit everyone’s sweet tooth – and a dollar is a small price to pay to satisfy that craving. In order to prevent guessing, WFC offers presale fundraisers to help you determine how much chocolate you should preorder.
  • Flower Power ― For the gardening savvy, ecologically conscious, and nature lovers, Flower Power offers a fundraising solution that simultaneously gives back to your cause and to the Earth. FP vends top-of-the-line plants and flower bulbs for fall and spring that can be sold either by catalog or entirely online. Flower Power boasts an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee, and you’ll take home a generous 50% of your profits.
  • American Publishers ― American Publishers is a leading magazine fundraiser owned by the Hearst Corporation, one of the world’s largest publishers of monthly magazines. Schools and organizations find that magazines are an expedient and profitable fundraising choice. AP has online fundraising options, as well as personalized emails that can be sent to family and friends asking for support. This program is well-known for “combo” promotions, which frequently offer two quality magazine subscriptions for the price of one. Moreover, AP remains environmentally mindful by planting a tree for every three magazines sold.
  • Charleston Wraps ― Charleston’s 75 choices of high-quality, UltraHeavy gift wraps are this program’s biggest sellers, designed for high-end stores and shops. However, Charleston Wraps offers an abundance of other drives retailing products such as cards, gourmet foods, jewelry, and specialty gifts, which practically sell themselves. Schools and other organizations that choose CW for their fundraising needs enjoy a substantial 40 to 50% profit margin.

For effective fundraising, it’s essential to have proper guidance to facilitate the process. At EFS, our experts are trained to help you meet your fundraising goals while ensuring the experience is relatively hands-off for you. Raising money for your cause has never been so easy.