What Makes A Successful Fundraising Product?

fundraising ideasWithout a quality fundraising prize or product, a fundraiser may not succeed. Fundraising is straightforward and has an admirable goal, but plenty of people who consider getting involved are likely to wonder what they can also gain from the thing they buy. Products are one of the most important fundraising ideas you can consider during this process, so be sure to choose products you’re sure people will enjoy. Don’t know where to start? Consider the following.



Popular trends

Whether you enjoy a current fad or not, there’s no denying that they still persist and are part of the current cultural landscape. Therefore, people are interested in trends and will probably want to invest in something topical. There are, of course, timeless fundraising items that succeed time and time again, but it’s worthwhile to consider what is trending and what people are going wild for at the moment.


Broad appeal

Even if a niche product is great and offers plenty of benefits, the chances are that many people will dislike it. When it comes time to brainstorm which items sell best as you come up with fundraising ideas, you’ll want to think about products that appeal to many people – not just a select audience. If what you sell cannot appeal to plenty of people, then the fundraiser will not have as much impact.



Some certain times of the year are popular enough to inspire products catered to that specific season. You’ve seen Christmas items on shelves in droves, right? If you need to sell something during a time of year that inspires seasonal products, it’s a good idea to sell things that match that time of year and can get people in the spirit of that time. When in doubt, sell items that will cater to seasons that generate plenty of buzzes.


Easy to handle

Keep in mind that you’ll have to carry these products with you anywhere you want to fundraise. Carrying heavy loads is no one’s idea of fun, so make sure that you offer something that can get carried easily or at least get ordered in smaller quantities. That way, you’re set up for success and can efficiently bring products from Point A to Point B.



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