Which Fundraising Product is Right for YOU?

Posted on June 29, 2015 under EFS Blog

FundraisingDon’t you worry, we have options! Here at Effective Fundraising Solutions we provide an abundance of products available for fundraisers that range from our Smencils to the Flower Power campaign or, to the always popular, Charleston Wrap and gift items, but which is the right fundraising product for your organization? There many factors that you and your group should consider before starting!

First and foremost, what would your group enjoy selling? Your members determine the amount of success this fundraiser brings. Take a vote and ask them what they would like to sell and what they would firmly not like to sell. The more they themselves feel positively towards the products, the more confident and motivated they will be to sell them. Summer is the best time to start tending to a garden! The Flower Power fundraiser is a fun and successful program for any age group.

If you have had a successful fundraiser in the past, stick to it! Your organization’s supporters are most likely expecting you at that same time every year and obviously enjoy that product! Also, your participants are already comfortable with selling the product.

Before choosing your fundraising product, consider all of your deadlines. If you need to raise funds quickly, EFS suggests you use direct-sale products such as Hershey’s Chocolate bars. If you have a longer span of time, then another program may be a better choice for your organization. How about choices from our Fall 2015 Frozen Food and Snack Programs? With snacks like our cookie dough and pop-corn, it will be easy and enjoyable for your organization to fundraise.

Along with your group’s needs, take into consideration the income level of your community. Make sure that the retail price of the products offered are priced fairly. Offering a fairly priced product that also matches your communities’ needs will lead to quick success! For example, Effective Fundraising Solutions offers an assortment of products that work wonderfully with every community, like, World’s Finest Chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate bars? Chocolate fundraising yields the most profit in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort from your group and community.

Once you have taken in all of these factors, it is time to choose your fundraiser! For more questions or to enroll today, contact Effective Fundraising Solutions at 855-888-4337.