Why You Should Consider Flower Bulb Fundraising

Posted on May 7, 2021 under Fundraising Ideas

flower bulb fundraising


If you are looking for a simple fundraiser then you should consider flower bulb fundraising for your next fundraiser. Not only is it straightforward but you can easily add on other aspects to the fundraiser as well! Let Effective Fundraising Solutions help you with all your flower bulb fundraising needs! Our team of experts has helped plan profit-yielding fundraisers for years. Let’s make your fundraiser a success! If you are debating whether or not to do a flower bulb fundraiser, here are a few upsides to consider! 


No Upfront Cost

Finding a fundraiser without upfront costs is not something you will stumble upon often. Flower bulb fundraisers however are one of the few! By using an online ordering system your buyers can log right into the home page you create and purchase the flowers for themselves. This not only eliminates you from having to purchase ahead of time but makes the process much easier and more hands-off for you! 


Year-Round Opportunities

The great thing about flowers is that people buy them year-round! This makes flower bulb fundraisers a hot commodity no matter what season it is! In addition, flower bulbs make for great gifts! This program has been a huge success as it seems that people of all ages are excited to buy flower bulbs especially to help out a local cause! 


Fifty Percent Profit on Sales

Arguably the most attractive quality of flower bulb fundraisers is the profit yield. Due to the online ordering system, each product is marked up to make a 50% profit on each sale! This profit margin is amazing and will raise money quickly! That 50% really starts to add up with more sales. That being said it’s important to get as many people involved as possible so share the fundraiser on social media platforms as well as private communication such as email. 


Flower Bulb Fundraising with Effective Fundraising Solutions

Regardless of the fundraiser, planning ahead will greatly benefit the outcome. When you plan a fundraiser with Effective Fundraising Solutions we help you plan and execute your fundraiser from start to finish. Our goal is to maximize your profits while helping you with any guidance you may need along the way! If you are interested in flower bulb fundraising with us, please contact the team at Effective Fundraising Solutions and we can get started with your fundraiser!