3 Fall Fundraising Ideas for Your Sports Team

Posted on August 7, 2022 under EFS Blog, Fundraising Ideas

Fall is just around the corner, and that means that the time to fundraise for school sports teams is here. There are a lot of expenses associated with playing any sport, and not all kids have the resources to pay their own way. Organizing fundraisers can be a challenging undertaking, but with the help of Effective Fundraising Solutions, it doesn’t have to be. Our team will help you organize your fundraiser and give you some fundraising ideas and tips.

Here are three fall fundraising ideas to benefit your school sports teams.


Host a Mini Tournament

Is there a more fun way to get your community invested in your team than to let them play the game? We sure can’t think of one! This idea works for all kinds of sports, both team and individual. Tournaments are especially fun for elementary and middle school teams. Charge a registration fee for each team and organize concessions for spectators to purchase. Teams can be families, groups of friends, or even selected at random from whoever signs up. Ask a local business to donate a prize for the winning team. The important thing is that it’s all in good fun.


Design and Sell Merch

Show off your team spirit with merch! Have a contest to design a T-shirt or other item, and then let everyone vote on their favorite. Then turn the winning design into a shirt that fans and classmates can buy. To mix it up a little, you can have more than one winner. If the top two or three designs were all popular, you can give your fans some choices. If your team wants to do something a little different, EFS does custom socks!


Sponsor an Athlete

Playing sports, even for a public school, can be expensive, and not all athletes and their families can afford the fees and travel expenses. When you are trying to get people to support your fundraiser, it can be difficult for them to connect with a group of people. If you ask them to support a specific athlete, donating becomes about helping one student athlete. People are more likely to give when they know exactly who their donation is going and how it will help.


More Fundraising Ideas from EFS

Still unsure of the best fundraiser for your team? Check out our blog for more great fundraising ideas or take a look at all the ready-made campaigns we offer. Our team has years of experience in effective fundraising, and we can’t wait to help you!


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