3 Ways to Improve Turnout to Your Fundraisers

Posted on August 7, 2023 under EFS Blog, Fundraising

Anyone who has ever hosted or helped with a fundraiser knows that one of the most challenging parts is getting people to participate. Plenty of people will say that they’re interested in coming or that they “might drop by.” Some of those people may very well turn up, but it’s likely that many of them will be no-shows. So how do you improve turnout to your fundraisers and make the most out of people’s charitable spirit? Our team at Effective Fundraising Solutions has some tips!



Struggling to get participants at your fundraisers? Try these tips to boost attendance at your next event.


Reach Out Personally to Invitees

People like the personal touch. Go through your list of donors from your previous events and compare it to your list of invitees who have yet to RSVP. Reach out to any previous donors who have yet to respond to your current invite and ask them personally if they plan to attend. If they can’t come to your event, ask if they’d like to make a donation anyway. More of then than not, they’ll say yes.


Make It Easy to RSVP

People don’t like having to make phone calls these days, but there are others who still prefer it. When you send out invites to your fundraising event, give people multiple ways to RSVP so they can choose what’s easiest for them. Provide an email address as well as a phone number that people can either text or call. Your invitees are more likely to respond if you give them the option to use their preferred mode of communication.


Use Social Media, Email, and Paper Marketing

People find out about events in all different ways and have different ways of remembering that they have an event coming up. Your best approach is to use a combination of social media, email, and paper marketing to get the word out. When you make social media posts about your event, make sure that they’re shareable. The easier it is for people to spread the word, the more people will see it.


Host Better Fundraisers with EFS

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