Combine Fundraising Ideas with New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on January 7, 2024 under EFS Blog, Fundraising

We’re a week into the New Year, and there’s no better time to align fundraising ideas and efforts with the spirit of resolutions and personal growth. No matter what organization you’re raising money for, combining your efforts with goals for the New Year is a great way to get people involved.


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Here are some fundraising ideas to draw in potential donors by combining raising money with New Year’s resolutions.


Group Fitness Challenge

Rally employees or members of your organization around health and wellness resolutions with a corporate fitness challenge. Participants can set fitness goals, and sponsors can make a contribution for each milestone achieved. The funds raised can support a charity chosen by the organization.


Skill-Sharing Workshops

Tap into the diverse talents of your team by organizing a series of skill-sharing workshops. Participants can lead sessions on topics they’re passionate about, and people can attend by making a donation. The funds can be directed toward community outreach programs or charitable initiatives.


Pledges for Volunteer Hours

Ask participants to commit to volunteers for a set number of hours over a certain period. Seek pledges from colleagues, friends, and family for each hour volunteered. The funds raised can support local charities or community development projects.


Professional Development Pledges

Encourage team members to set professional development resolutions for the year. They can seek sponsorships for attending conferences or workshops or enrolling in courses. The funds you raise can contribute to a scholarship fund for educational opportunities within the organization or wider community.


Resolution-Themed Merch Sale

Boost morale and fundraising efforts by creating resolution-themed merchandise. You can sell items like custom notebooks, water bottles, or workout gear, with profits directed towards a charitable cause chosen by the organization.


Team-Building Challenge

Foster team unity by organizing a resolution-themed team-building challenge. Teams can set collective goals, and sponsors can contribute based on the team’s achievements. The funds raised can support team-building activities or be donated to a charitable cause.


Fundraising Ideas from Effective Fundraising Solutions

By infusing New Year’s resolutions into your fundraising initiatives, organizations can inspire employees, strengthen team dynamics, and make a positive impact on the community. Need help organizing or coming up with ideas? Our team at Effective Fundraising Solutions is here to help!


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