Effective Fundraising Strategies To Help Your Cause

effective fundraising

Effective Fundraising Solutions can help support your cause. We understand that figuring out what works best for your budget and goals can seem overwhelming. Today, we’re going over ways to help you take your nonprofit to the next level with fundraising tips. 

Know Your Audience

You might have heard this regarding marketing strategies, and the same applies to fundraising! Understanding your audience will help you mobilize a strategy that makes sense for your mission. A few ways to gather audience preferences include:

  • Interaction through event attendance and donation history
  • Demographics and polls via social media and email

effective fundraising ideas

Recognition Programs

If you notice repeat donors or event attendees giving their time and money to your cause, they are worth recognizing! Offering recognition programs for current and future donors or event attendees can be as simple as receiving a bonus incentive, e.g., matching socks for a race, public name recognition, handwritten thank you letters or a small gift. 

Recognizing those who contribute to your annual 5k, for example, will help to spread the positive word for future events!

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Explain Your Cause

Last but certainly not least, we always suggest giving a clear explanation for your cause. If you want a good response, give an honest list of why your nonprofit or fundraiser is essential. Be sure to include an impact statement showing what their donation or purchase will contribute. Some examples include: 

  • Explain why your nonprofit is essential. What is the cause/fundraiser for?
  • A breakdown of how their donated funds will contribute to this cause.
  • Present a clear call-to-action showing where or how people can attend. Be sure to give a list of upcoming fundraisers or events. 

Effect Fundraising Solutions For Your Mission

If you need a fundraising solution for your next event, EFS can help. We provide a variety of unique fundraising options, and our staff will support your nonprofit where needed. Contact us to set up your fundraising plans today! 

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