Spring School Fundraising Ideas: Try These Events

Posted on March 7, 2024 under EFS Blog, Flower Power, Fundraising Ideas

As the seasons change from winter to spring, new school fundraising needs arise. Spring is the perfect time to harness the season’s energy and unite the community to support their schools. As the weather warms up, people are eager to get outside, so an outdoor event is the perfect school fundraising idea for spring.


Here are three ideas for spring school fundraising events that take advantage of the warmer weather.


Floral Fun Run/Walkathon

Combine fitness with the beauty of spring by organizing a Floral Fun Run or Walkathon. Participants can wear their favorite floral-themed attire, take a refreshing walk, or run through scenic routes near the school. Participants can collect pledges from friends, family, and neighbors to raise funds based on the distance covered. Partner with local businesses for sponsorships and set up colorful flower stations along the route to add an extra touch of spring spirit.

Spring Garden Sale

Tap into spring’s gardening enthusiasm by hosting a Spring Garden Sale. Collaborate with local nurseries or garden centers to secure a variety of flowers, plants, and gardening supplies at discounted rates. Students, parents, and teachers can purchase these items to beautify their homes and gardens. This fundraiser supports the school financially, promotes environmental awareness, and encourages a green thumb mentality. If you want to set up an easier version of this fundraiser, check out our Flower Power fundraiser. These easy-to-plant flower bulbs are a simple way to encourage families to get outside and garden together.


Art in Bloom Festival

Celebrate the artistic talents within the school community with an Art in Bloom Festival. Encourage students to create spring-themed artwork to then display and auction off during the event. If you have any local artists in your community, invite them to showcase their own work or host workshops for families and students. Go beyond visual art and arrange for local musicians to play and local restaurants to open food stalls to make it a full-fledged spring festival.


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Spring School Fundraising Events with EFS

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