5 Keys to Effective Fundraising

There are plenty of benefits to a fundraiser. It brings money in, unites people for a cause, and can foster some healthy competition. However, it is not going to work unless the effort is successful. With so many people out there, it is a bit daunting to find fundraising ideas that will be successful across the board. However, it does not have to be a scary task! There are a few components that all effective fundraising efforts have in common.


effective fundraising

Follow these five keys to effective fundraising, and your school or organization’s next fundraiser will be a success!


A Worthy Cause

To convince people to donate their time and money to a cause, you have to make it matter to them. Otherwise, they will not be interested in what you have to say. Make sure the cause you dedicate your resources to resonates with people, either because it affects them personally or because you can make them empathize with it.



The enthusiasm of your team is just as important as the enthusiasm of your potential donors. Keep everyone unified, encourage each other, and check in every so often to compare and collect results. A unified team and enthusiastic mindset will make the process more fun and relaxed for all involved.


Desirable Items

If you want people to purchase something to support your cause, it has to be something they want to buy. Look at local trends and invest in similar products. Seasonal items are always a wise choice as well. Around the holidays, people need wrapping paper; in the spring and summer people are thinking about gardening. Choose a product that meets the needs of your community in more ways than one.



If people don’t know about your fundraising ideas, how are they going to donate to the cause? Spread the word and get people excited about your product and cause. Get creative and use both online and in-person marketing strategies. Make a Facebook event and share it with all your friends, take out an ad in the local paper, and ask other groups in your community to support you.



Rules and regulations are the least fun part of fundraising, but you have to follow them. Make sure nothing you are doing to bolster your fundraising efforts is illegal, frowned upon, or controversial. Avoid using any copyrighted images in your marketing, and stay away from hot-button issues unless they are relevant to your cause.


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